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Siam Thai Cuisine at Ayala Terraces in Cebu

Our first eat in Cebu was intended to Golden Cowrie. We heard a lot of raves from this place and decided to eat there. Unfortunately, it was time for lunch and the restaurant was jam-packed with people dining and on queue. We were really hungry that time after an early morning trip from Iloilo and we were craving for something new, delicious and soothing.

We explored the whole Ayala Terraces and ended up in a Thai restaurant called SIAM THAI CUISINE. The place was really good. It was well lit, organized despite the full tables, and very clean. The waiters and waitresses also did a fine job in making sure we had the right service.

Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu

Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu Traditional Phad Thai @ Siam Thai Cuisine

We ordered the famous Thai delicacy, Phad Thai, an order of their Stewed Pork Spareribs and a plate of jasmine rice. After a few minutes of waiting, we indulged ourselves in our first lunch in Cebu, our first good lunch there.

The Phad Thai was scrumptious. Although it has no scrambled egg wrapped around it unlike other Phad Thai, but it has that sweet taste of fine noodles, some bits of bean sprouts and that peanut tang all blending well in your mouth. It can make one hungry person satisfied with its good taste.

One order can fit two people at a very affordable price. There are also other upgraded varieties of the Thai noodles with just a few additional costs to their original Phad Thai. But we settled on the original one to taste its authenticity.

The Stewed Pork Spareribs was good tasting also but it is somewhat similar to pork paksiw (Pork cuts simmer in vinegar, some soy sauce and other seasoning until it turns saucy and not too dry).

Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu Frozen Green Mango Iced Tea @ Siam Thai Cuisine

For drinks, we had the Frozen Green Mango Iced Tea. It was the best Green Mango Iced Tea we had sipped. It has that sour aftertaste of Green Mango mixed in frozen iced tea and the sweet taste of fine sugar. This is very satisfying considering the sweet and sour blend of every ingredient mixed in one cool drink.

The Verdict:

Siam Thai Cuisine Cebu Siam Thai Cuisine- The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu

Overall, we rated this place above satisfactory and a-must-try in Cebu. You can find quality food at reasonable prices plus you can have a relaxing and a very clean surrounding despite of many people coming in and out.

If you want to check out the place, just find it at the first floor of The Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu.

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  • Lori

    Next time you go, try the squid or fish with the spicy sweet sauce, take the very spicy rice and chatu chak spare ribs. But before all that, have a bowl of Tom Yum.

  • Oro

    you the writer is say mqny things about thai food and resterant. But not notified theplace , inchich area are located cleary. This show how to communicated the interested to go to.


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