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Meshi: A Japanese Buffet at The Promenade

Days Hotel Iloilo’s The Promenade Restaurant hosts to several well-known buffets in the city. Patrons, elites and politicians often gather here to enjoy great food and chic ambience overlooking the scenic view of the city. One of the most popular among the buffets at The Promenade is Meshi Japanese Buffet. It is considered one of the best in the city offering such gastronomically delightful Asian cuisine.

Meshi features wide selection of Japanese cravings. Feast on fresh sushi and sashimi to your hearts out with the varied types available. Get vegetarian with some unique healthy Nipponese cooking such as the Tori Nanbanzuke, Nasu no Mushimono, Jagaimo Sarada and California Sarada.

Meshi: A Japanese Buffet

You can also have a taste of a unique Chicken lollipops called Sakana Tsukone and grab some bites on some Gyoza (dumplings) which looks and tastes like a Chinese Siomai. If these appetizers don’t get to fill your stomach, Meshi also got a full-course menu for you that features Japanese favorites such as the Yaki Ramen with Tonkatsu Sauce, Iyasia Itame with Miso and other delights.

Meshi: A Japanese Buffet Sushi

Meshi: A Japanese Buffet Sashimi

Meshi: A Japanese Buffet Tori Nanbanzuke

Meshi: A Japanese Buffet Sakana Tsukone

Meshi: A Japanese Buffet Nasu no Mushimono

Meshi: A Japanese Buffet Jagaimo Sarada

Meshi: A Japanese Buffet California Sarada

Meshi: A Japanese Buffet Main Course

So far, I have only tried two Japanese Buffets in Iloilo City and I can say that Meshi is better than the one in Emillion Restaurant at Grand Dame Hotel. One thing that I love Meshi is their “Paluto” section where you can pick your choice of fresh fish, pork and other meats for grilling right at your very eyes. I just love to munch on fresh grilled grubs hot off the grill. This section also includes tempura bowl which always get emptied.

Meshi: A Japanese Buffet “Paluto” section

To top them all – the real winner at Meshi is their extensive selection of luscious desserts you can drool for. From the desserts alone, I can already say that what I paid for is really worth it! Taste and presentation wise the desserts section at Meshi is the champion. Needless to say more, find some photos below.

Meshi: A Japanese Buffet

Meshi: A Japanese Buffet

Meshi: A Japanese Buffet

Meshi: A Japanese Buffet

Meshi: A Japanese Buffet

Meshi: A Japanese Buffet

Meshi: A Japanese Buffet

The Promenade Days Hotel Iloilo For inquiries and reservations call: 337-3297 or 336-8901 to 10 or 09177003297

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    Wow! Grabilicious foods and all…..! I wish to visit your place with my date to someone special! Do I have a discount? From: Joy M. Vingno, Bacolod City.

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