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Innovative Filipino fares at Paradise Garden Boracay

It is not impossible to find good food amidst luxurious accommodation and breathtaking views in Boracay. In fact, such atmosphere creates a commonality within the infamous island that vacationers from different parts of the world made it a reverie of their grand retreat. Excellent food while dining in much comfort and a view so composedly beautiful that pennies worth is indeed worth it.

At Paradise Garden Boracay Resort and Convention Center (formerly One MGM Boracay), such dream getaway offers a realization that one should not dare miss. A rendezvous around the resort takes you to a total escape from the crowded beach and cluttered dine of the Island. With exceptional taste in both food and lodging, visitors local and foreign would find peace and serenity just like any dream vacation should be.

Paradise Garden Boracay Porkchop sa Ibabaw ng Rema

Unilever Food Solutions’ Sooo Pinoy showcases Filipino cuisine offered at Paradise Garden Resort with its refined style of presenting Filipino cuisine. Aside from its sophisticated display and augmented flavors, Paradise Garden Resort makes use of homegrown ingredients that gives a touch of local flavors into each dish.

Inihaw na Lapu-lapu na may Gata at Nakadapang Sugpo is a great discovery of how Lapu-lapu should be, fresh, soft and simply delicious with an amplified flavor of the usual inihaw. Lapu-lapu, a local grouper, is a popular staple in most feast and family gatherings.

Paired with the Sugpo or huge tiger prawns makes this dish more sublime. With local ingredients found in Boracay such as dahon ng saging (banana leaves), kamote (sweet potato) gata ng niyog (coconut milk) and the exotic rema, a local fruit grown in the very Island of Boracay much like a sweet potato, one can actually find it delectable and hard to resist.

Porkchop sa Ibabaw ng Rema is a classy rendition of fried pork meat and rib. A stylish and basically striking presentation sets it apart from your usual taste of fried pork. Aside from its graceful arrangement, the gratifying blend of pork and rema offers an unforgettable moment.

Paradise Garden Restaurant Boracay Inihaw na Lapu-lapu na may Gata at Nakadapang Sugpo

Paradise Garden Boracay

Refreshing Lemon Mint Cooler Welcome Drink at Paradise Garden Boracay Refreshing Welcome Drink at Paradise Garden Boracay

Paradise Garden Boracay

Poolside Restaurant at Paradise Garden Boracay Poolside Restaurant at Paradise Garden Boracay

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Paradise Garden Boracay Resort Hotel & Convention Center
Manggayad, Manoc-manoc
Boracay Island, Malay
Aklan, Philippines

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  • Calel Noble

    Awesome food presentation. Everything looks delicious! Will visit this place the next time we head on to Boracay :) Cool post!

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