Friday, March 27, 2015

Iloilo Krystal Ice Halo-halo at The Atrium

Who does not love pancakes? The yummy and soft flat cake completes a filling breakfast alongside with creamy butter and flavored syrup. One can’t get enough of one pancake so two or more stacks simply look promising.

For a morning meal of delicious pancakes or perhaps anytime of the day, Iloilo Krystal Ice Halo-halo offers tasty pancakes in different flavors. From the usual plain-flavored pancake to augmented fruity tastes you can have your cravings filled anytime you want. Plus, these everyday-available treats are also easy on the pocket.

The plain pancakes offered at Krystal Ice are only at Php28.00 for a single pancake and Php52.00 for the double. Each pancake includes a small bar of butter plus somewhat less restricted jar of syrup.

Iloilo Krystal Ice Halo-halo

If you want more yummy flavors on your plain pancakes, you can select from other variants like strawberry, peanut butter, bacon and choco banana peanut. Of course, prices are a little higher but these are still easy on the pocket.

What’s more, you can have a free cup of hot choco or coffee with your pancakes each time you order your pancakes before 11 in the morning. All the same, having a free cup of coffee or choco or no free drink at all will still be worth it with tasty pancakes to enjoy. The coffee cost Php25.00, which is also a good deal for an afternoon snack.

Krystal Ice also offers other selections for chilled and hot drinks. Milkshakes in diverse flavors are available at Php110.00 each with fruit shakes as well ranging at a price of Php45.00 to Php50.00.

But, for a hot afternoon snack, nothing beats eating stacks of ice cream with fruit slices and chunks on the sides.  Sundae selections as well as cobblers, parfaits, scoops of ice cream and the famous banana splits are also found on their menu. Sundaes are priced between Php45.00 to Php65.00 with cobblers at Php110 each and parfaits at Php120.00 to Php130.00. You can also enjoy different concoctions for splits with prices at Php110 to Php120.00.

Of course, Krystal Ice is more popular with their Halo-halo selections. A good choice is the Krystal Ice Special Halo-halo with 2 scoops of ice cream in mango and ube flavor. This includes other ingredients like corn flakes, macapuno strips, langka (jackfruit), pineapple, sago and corn. You can enjoy this solo or for two at a price of Php89.00.

Iloilo Krystal Ice Halo-halo Menu

Iloilo Krystal Ice Halo-halo

Iloilo Krystal Ice Halo-halo Syrup

Iloilo Krystal Ice Halo-halo Hot Choco (Php25)

Iloilo Krystal Ice Halo-halo

Iloilo Krystal Ice Halo-halo Krystal Ice Special Halo-halo (Php89)

Iloilo Krystal Ice Halo-halo

Iloilo Krystal Ice Halo-halo

Iloilo Krystal Ice Halo-halo

Iloilo Krystal Ice Halo-halo

Iloilo Krystal Ice Halo-halo
2nd Level, The Atrium at the Capitol
Gen. Luna Street., Iloilo City
Tel no: 320 7403/336 3239

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  • Antoine Greg

    aww. its nice to see Krystal Ice nga damo tao kay its been there for decades already, dra gd pinaka una nga kalan-an nabal-an ko my pancakes… ;D

  • stacy

    Wow! I’ll definitely check this out when I’m in iloiloi!

  • Cri zo

    I think you’re wrong coz their pancakes suck. My lola can make better pancakes and she can’t even see well. As well as the somewhat diluted syrup. don’t expect a lot ppl coz yeah price ya 58 & sabor ya tg 58 mnlg gd. Too bad wayna pancake house

  • KaiBril

    I’ve been there also but hindi ko natry yung Halo-halo nila. I thought it looks great & delicious. Perhaps some other time, i’ll try their Halo-halo. Medyo tago kasi yung location nila. Minsan nahirapan ako pumunta.

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