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Hamada Authentic Japanese Restaurant in Iloilo

People love to try something new. No matter how common it may sound, as long as there’s a slight variation in its presentation and label, any person would go for it.

In spite of the widespread authentic and inspired Japanese restaurants here in Iloilo, nothing hindered the coming of Hamada Authentic Japanese Restaurant. With its first branch in the City of Love, Hamada Restaurant opened its doors for people desiring to have a taste of perfectly cooked Japanese dishes.

Located at the ground floor of Plazuela de Iloilo – the newest dining destination in the city, Hamada Restaurant creates an enthralling exterior that provides a Japanese craving from the first impression. The entrance greets every customer with a curtain of Japanese inspiration and a bamboo fountain. Interiors are complete with colorful Asian lanterns.

Hamada Authentic Japanese Restaurant Iloilo

Hamada Authentic Japanese Restaurant Iloilo

Hamada Authentic Japanese Restaurant Iloilo

Hamada Authentic Japanese Restaurant Iloilo Tory Teriyaki Maki

Hamada Authentic Japanese Restaurant Iloilo Chicken Wakatori

Hamada Authentic Japanese Restaurant Iloilo Yasai Itame

Hamada Authentic Japanese Restaurant Iloilo Mixed Vegetables Tempura

Dining at Hamada Restaurant will offer you selective range of flavorsome grubs. Try the Mixed Vegetables Tempura for a healthy start. For 45 pesos, you get eight slices of vegetables in tempura mixture. The Tory Teriyaki Maki will complete your Japanese meal. Eight Maki rolls topped with bits of meat in teriyaki sauce are available for 150 pesos.

The Chicken Wakatori is the newest addition. For 220 pesos, have a taste of crispy chicken meat in spicy teriyaki sauce. The Yasai Itame Mixed Vegetables can feed three people with its delicious rendition for 115 pesos. When in doubt on what to order, ask their friendly servers for excellent recommendations.

Hamada Authentic Japanese Restaurant opens daily from 11am to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm.

Hamada Authentic Japanese Restaurant Iloilo

Hamada Authentic Japanese Restaurant Iloilo

Hamada Authentic Japanese Restaurant
Plazuela de Iloilo, Benigno Aquino Ave., Iloilo City
Tel: +63-333333258

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  • Anonymous

    Wow! If it’s Japanese I’m checking it out for sure. Thanks for the heads up.

  • diana

    Good food. Bad service. Bitchy waitresses. 

    • lila

      Coz their general manager is also a bitch cunt mistress even if she’s married!

  • jessy

    I agree with Diana. Foods are great but waitresses have bad manners,

  • Rodj

    Oishii!! ^ ^

  • Benchorizo

    Decent food and place but inconsistent. Went there 3 times in one month. On the last visit, they didn’t have pickled ginger with their sushi and they didn’t even bother to tell us. I had to ask for it twice only to be told that they were out. I ordered two buckets of beer which were supposed to come with free Salmon skin appetizer that never came. When I asked about it, they said they ran out of salmon skin, but only after I asked about it. They offered another appetizer to replace it, but again, only after I asked for it. Overall, I think it’s pretty good and the prices are reasonable but service needs some improvement.

  • Dannica_1106

    for all the people comment this site.. we apologize of whAT we have done for the few weeks or years.We do are very best to make are service good & better.. were very sorry
    we better luck nxt time.. so we can overcome
    all this consequences.

    • Lila

      Coz ur general manager mrs abria is a bitch cunt mIstress even if she’s married n has kids..

  • noops

    Good food, poor service, waiters have short term memory. Makes up excuses, not the place to bring your guests. Beware.

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