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Chikaan sa Cebu: Serving Best Filipino Cuisine in Cebu

After a good stroll around Park Mall, we decided to have lunch within the vicinity before heading to the airport. Our flight was around two in the afternoon going back to Iloilo. There are arrays of high-class restaurants in the area and even some fast food chain. I was hoping for something that serves hot and different. After so much deliberation on where to really eat, we eventually chose to grab a simple snack at the airport instead.

Luckily, we were determined to have one more look at the last restaurant we saw and realized it was one of the good bistros friends told us about. The label on top is really hard to read if you are not familiar with it until you look clearly and see that it is named Chikaan sa Cebu.

Chikaan sa Cebu

Chikaan sa Cebu Restaurant has a warm ambiance, suitable for having a good lunch with the family and at typical Filipino resto.  It serves mostly Filipino foods with varieties on the soup, beef, pork and chicken menu. They also got some Pinoy delicacies served as dessert after a tasty meal.

We ordered Lechon kawali, baked scallops and since I wanted something hot that day, an order of clam soup. The rice is good for two persons per bowl but you can have a refill for free if you want to.

Chikaan sa Cebu Lechon Kawali @ Chikaan sa Cebu

The lechon kawali taste like typical lechon kawali but it has crisp pork skin. The meat is so tender you can easily cut it with a spoon. These types of dry food are great with some soy sauce mixed with vinegar or ketchup.

Chikaan sa Cebu Cheesy Baked Scallops @ Chikaan sa Cebu

Baked scallops were so good that it makes me want some more. But of course, we already had enough for two in an order. (We were also catching a flight J.) It has the right cheese melt on top cooked at the exact degree.

Chikaan sa Cebu Clamshell Soup @ Chikaan sa Cebu

Since I was craving for a hot soup, the clam soup did fill my desire. Although it was just a plain soup and some seaweeds, it tasted good. The server also fills your cup upon delivering your soup and distributes these to each one in the table. (That is good service!)

The Verdict:

Chikaan sa Cebu

Overall, I rate this restaurant as above satisfactory. The place is clean, warm and very cozy. The food taste good (although these are similar to home cooked lunch on a Sunday afternoon). The price is just like any other restaurant of the same class.

If you want to dine in this restaurant with the family, try visiting Chikaan sa Cebu Restaurant at The Park Mall and other key locations within Metro Cebu.

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  • http://www.pnhs-scout.co.cc redjie megallos

    I like the food there so native and delicious…

  • http://www.thefoodieschoice.com Aileen

    Thank you for visiting and appreciating our site. :)

    We promise to update you with more restaurant information and food reviews in the future. :)

  • Joelece

    Thanks for this info. I also hope that maybe you can also include their menu with prices, as we can also compare. thanks a lot.

  • Salinsug

    We just had a very bad experience at Chikaan in Park Mall yesterday. We were there to celebrate my wife’s birthday but the service just sucks. It just ruined everything. The place was so untidy, hot and there were even crews there who are maybe off duty or something but are inside the counter wearing just their sleeveless shirts. It took them so long to prepare our orders considering that there weren’t a lot of customers yet. The 3 minutes more ended up waiting for almost 15 minutes. The waiter did not even bother to read back our order so we were kinda wondering if all of it were taken or not. Those who are wearing yellow uniforms inside the counter are just chit chatting not minding that they are getting noisy talking while using some street words. There is no sense or urgency among those food servers. The soup was already very cold when the rest of our orders arrived.  Very unaccommodating. We have tried chikaan in SM, there was also one in ayala and in Gaisano metro mandaue and we enjoyed it, we liked our experience so we thought why not try this one but it ended up as a very wrong choice. Lack of training, lack of supervision and just plainly poor performance. It wasn’t worth it at all, it could have been better off if we we ate the food court. I did not want to give out a tip but i intentionally placed 1 peso just to show my disgust and disappointment.  It will never happen again everrrr.  

  • Mgtan6

    miss can you reserve mario tan 7 table please

  • Mgtan6


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