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One of the main reasons why I would want to go back to Bacolod is for their delectable desserts. People I know would attest to that since they too had tasted some of the finest desserts Bacolod can offer. One of the stores known for their delightful cakes and pastries in Bacolod is Calea.

Calea is a household name cake shop in Bacolod because of the great selections of their quality cakes and succulent pastries. You can really notice the distinction of its premium ingredients from regular homemade and fast food cakes. The look of every cake in the display entices you to come and taste the uniqueness in each.

Calea Cakes and Pastries Bacolod

I had my first taste of Calea cake last year and I was engulfed by its fine allure. It was a regular chocolate cake but rich in sweet chocolate and even became sweeter when I tasted the smoothly mixed icing on the sides. Right then, Calea will always be a part of my Bacolod Itinerary.

After a few hours exploring some prominent spots in Bacolod and finishing the second round stroll in Robinsons Place Bacolod, we decided to take a rest and opt with a slice of cake in Calea. The shop is located just beside the main entrance of the Robinson’s Mall. The area is quite small, probably fitting five to six groups of people, but it was very cozy and cool inside.

Calea Cakes and Pastries Bacolod

Calea Cakes and Pastries Bacolod Calea’s Oreo Cheescake

We were undecided yet with the wide variety of appetizing cakes in front of us. We settled first for a slice of Oreo cheesecake since after an hour or so, we will be having our lunch. At first look, the Oreo cheesecake slice looks divine. It has some Oreo bits mixed with the cheesecake and have some toppings scattered on top.

The first taste was really good. The cheesecake was well blended and you can truly savor the premium ingredients they used for the cheesecake. But, like any other cheesecake, you can seem to get enough if you had enough of it.

We also ordered another slice of cake, which they simply call White Cake (see first photo above). It looks like your regular chiffon cake with white icing surrounding it. However, you can be proved wrong when you see that the inside is not a mere regular chiffon cake. It is intact and dense with bits of real almonds and chocolate in almost every side of the cake. The taste is not very sweet but can neutralize the sweet taste of an Oreo cake. Although we only had two slices of cake for the two of us, we seem to have enough of sweetness.

The Verdict:

Calea Cakes and Pastries Bacolod Calea Robinsons Place Bacolod branch

If you want luxury cakes and sweet flavor you can never find anywhere, Calea cakes are a must-try when in Bacolod. This fine cake shop is above average with very scrumptious selection of cakes made with the finest ingredients and a cozy and calm place to sit down, have a slice of cake and coffee and read.

Calea Branches:

  • Calea Lacson Street (beside L’Fisher Hotel) – main branch
  • Calea Robinsons Place Bacolod
  • Calea East Block

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  • Albert Y F Fung

    I would like to send a heart shaped cake with a nice favor , and looking for your recommendation and hope you would send me more information and picture to me urgently as i need to deliver to my friend on 27th September 2010.

    Do you provide delivery please advise.

    Thank you

    Albert Y F Fung

    • Aileen M.

      Hello Albert!

      Thank you for visiting our blog.

      As much as we would like to help you, we are not in any way connected with
      Calea or in any restaurants mentioned in our blog.

      We are specifically a food review blog.

      But, we do hope you can find the perfect cake for your friend.

  • Kirz

    This is Bacolod’s dessert kingdom, where people could fulfill their sugar pilgrimage via its court of cakes…The cakes are really way worth the price…

  • kassie

    i agree.. desserts were exceptional but the services was extremely disappointing..we wont dare go back to their east block branch.

    • Anonymous

      can I ask why? 

  • Chiopago

    The best in Bacolod City!,

  • Emm Jay

    calea is not just simply a cake… i so love it

  • yang


  • Rosieymadela

    most of the crew are not accomodating and approachable…they wont dare to ask you what you would like to buy..just stare you from head to toe…if you are social..but if not they wont bother to talk to you at all…but the cakes are so good….. the best gid..the owner should at least see to it..that his/her crew..will have good public relation seminar……icoz it happened to me twice…when i bought cakes from there store before in their old building near lfischer….i was just stunned..coz they simply look at you with remorse if you can affored to

  • Rosieymadela

    check felicias..or mirin….its a pastry shop too..the ambiance of felicias is better than calea… its along 6th street..

  • Angel

    I agree about the disappointing service. I’m a tourist and Calea is part of my itinerary. The cakes are great. But…
    1. they missed one of my orders.
    2. gave me my bill even before i asked for it.
    3. took a while to get their attention.
    4. I asked for an OR and it took me a long time waiting. if i didn’t remind them for it, I wouldn’t be told they dont have one afterall.


    super namit gid!!!!!! the place is highly recommended…

  • Wilhelm Lizada

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    Agustin Iloilo City, and currently, I am writing about the flavors of
    Bacolod for our tabloid issue. I found this article, “Calea: Premium Cakes and Pastries in Bacolod,” which would help me in making my article. Ma’am I would like to ask for your
    permission if I could quote a phrase or a sentence from the said
    article? …and also if we could borrow some of the pictures posted. We
    assure to you ma’am that these pictures would be properly cited. thank you
    very much and more power to your blog!

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