Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I always dreamed of having my own library business combined with a nice coffee shop in one setting. Yet, due to many hindering factors, it will be years for it to realize. Fortunately, my dream of sitting in a cozy coffee shop with books surrounding me came true when we discovered a charming library café along Quezon Street, right beside Robinsons Mall here in Iloilo. As the name itself implies, Book Latte is library café where you can read books and drink your latte.

Previously we heard of Book Latte when it opened, yet we just don’t seem to have the time to check it out. Luckily, we passed through the place few days ago and decided to take a look inside. Actually, we were enticed to really go inside and order when we saw their offer of Krispy Kreme donuts. And, since Junnjun and I are fanatic of it, we can’t wait for another minute just to have a good munch on the yummy donuts.

Book Latte Iloilo

The place was really pleasant with cool designer’s chairs and tables and a section of a mini library available to the members. Since I am a reader of good books myself, I immediately signed up for their membership just to have the opportunity to borrow and read their books. In fact, being a member of Book Latte you got a lot of perks and privileges like an access and usage of their mini library section, borrowing books from their collections and a 10% discount in every order. You can even rent selected books for a week at a very affordable price. (Of course, I did borrow a book. :) )

Book Latte Butterfinger Latte (Hot @ P65)

Book Latte Iloilo Lemon Tequila Cake

Book Latte Iloilo

Book Latte Iloilo

Book Latte also offers delectable set of pastries and unique flavors of hot and iced coffee. A really must try is their alcoholic cakes. These are cakes made with a mix of selected alcoholic drinks to add an exciting flavor to it.

I have tried the Lemon Tequila Cake matched with the Butterfinger Latte and it was a perfect combination. The Lemon Tequila Cake was toothsome. The chiffon was thick and dense but soft enough in every chew. The lemon flavored thick cream was just divine. It has the right sweetness with a good taste of lemon. Actually, I cannot have a good taste of the tequila in the cake, nevertheless; I was already stunned by the mouth-watering taste of the lemon cake. (Yet, naturally, I still longed for blend of the tequila flavor.)

The Butterfinger Latte tastes like real Butterfinger chocolate on a coffee. It was sweet and creamy. (Butterfinger is my favorite chocolate, so nothing really much to say. :D )

Book Latte Iloilo

Overall, the place is definitely exquisite with cool furnishings and a very attractive concept. The food selections can potentially be the talk of the town.

First time in Iloilo, a library café – much like Book Latte, is a unique offering for Ilonggos to try and be proud of.

Book Latte
Quezon St., Iloilo City (beside Robinsons Place Iloilo)
Monday – Saturday: 8am – 8pm
333 – 2574

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  • http://kirarasmonde.wordpress.com Kirz

    Butterfinger’s the best…XoX

    • http://www.aileengrace.com/ Aileen M.

      Yup! Butterfinger chocolate and butterfinger flavor is always on my top list.

      Thanks for the comment, Kirz.

  • Jeck

    It’s alright but its not the first. There is another cafe in General Luna that also has a library and they serve better coffee.

    • http://www.aileengrace.com/ Aileen M.

      Hi there Jeck!

      Don’t know exactly where the library cafe in General Luna.
      But, we love to know more about it.

      Kindly tell us the name of the cafe and the exact location
      and we will check it out.

      Thank you for sharing the info and for dropping by!

      • http://winkywho.tumblr.com Winky

        It’a Crammers I think. Beside PCCI. They have coffee plus all the books.

    • http://junnjunmendoza.com Junnjun Mendoza

      I think you are referring to Crammer’s Cafe right? The last time
      I was there, I didn’t see any books; only newspapers and magazines. Both
      shops have there own features. But certainly, a library cafe must have
      books in it, a wide variety that is.

      • Jeck

        They had 2 book shelves of books when i was there and that was last

  • http://elevendegreesnorth.blogspot.com/ Ryan

    I’d never heard of this place but I’ll definitely have to check it out now. Coffee and books are two of my favorite things.

  • diana

    could you post the directions to this cafe? id like to check it out..ive been hearing about this on local tv shows but they dont say where it is..or how one could get there..

    • http://www.aileengrace.com/ Aileen Grace

      Hi Diana!

      Book Latte is just right outside Robinsons Mall, along Quezon street
      but still within the building.

      You can actually find it if you go out by the Quezon wing mall entrance
      and heading towards the Sta. Teresita Church(or the Mooon Cafe)
      but you do not need to get there to reach Book Latte.

      Just right beside the bay area of Robinsons Mall is the Book Latte.
      (bay area is beside Greenwich)

      If you go by jeepney, the Villa jeep often pass by the area.

      Hope all these details help you.(I usually prefer all details when asking directions hence the long details I also provided.:))

      Have a good day!

  • JPS

    looking forward to try all those mouthwatering cakes and lattes, esp, when Ive heard thAt you served krIspy kreme dounoghts there. I so cant wait!:)

  • emm

    How much will I pay for the membership? thanks

  • Tabs

    i wanna be a member too:)

  • jhenz

    I saw this cafe last Jan. 25, 2013. I want to go there and be a member too. Is there any fee to be a member? how much?

  • BevP.

    Are they still open? Do they really have KrispyKreme?

    • http://twitter.com/junnjun013 Junnjun Mendoza

      Yep! Open pa sila pero daw wala na Krispy Kreme. :(

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