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Bangus Sisig & Malunggay Citrus at Igmaan Restaurant, Hotel Del Rio

Iloilo City is known for its long and nose-like river. Dining amidst its grandeur will take you to well off places much like that of Venice.

For 47 years, Hotel del Rio continues to capture the attention of locals and tourists alike through its luxurious river-view dining experience and palatable gastronomic features. Igmaan Restaurant is one of the very few fine restaurants in Hotel del Rio, however offering a good edge to it, the al fresco dining alongside the calming waters of the Iloilo River.

In Iloilo, you can find ample of fishes served in different variations to suit even a peculiar appetite. Bangus, or milkfish, is one of the most abundant and popular fishes in Panay Island, with the boneless Bangus, or de-boned Bangus, becoming a fad in the culinary sector. Almost all seafood restaurants in Iloilo City are, in fact, serving a sundry of Bangus versions that will truly satisfy one’s craving of good cooked fish.

Bangus Sisig at Igmaan Restaurant, Hotel Del Rio Bangus Sisig

For Igmaan Restaurant, Bangus is no longer limited to the typical sinigang and sinugba. Introducing, the Bangus Sisig! It offers food enthusiasts more than the usual taste of grilled and soup-based Milkfish. Locally produced, one can actually taste the freshness of the fish meat plus the added liquid seasoning instead of the heavy oyster sauce drizzled with just the right mayo proves that the local Milkfish can indeed become flexible.

What’s more, the spicy flavor is actually very appealing not only as an ideal pair for a cup of steamed rice but also the perfect sumsuman. (Sumsuman is a Filipino term which means a dish paired to alcoholic drinks.) The Bangus Sisig is mostly served at Igmaan Restaurant every Friday on its Poolside Buffet.

Another prolific vegetable is the malunggay or also known as the moringa or benzolive tree in English. Malunggay is especially prevalent not only in the Panay Island but all over the Philippines. In fact, you can simply ask a neighbor for a bunch of Malunggay leaves if they have trees in their backyard rather than going to the market and buy some.

Malunggay Citrus at Igmaan Restaurant, Hotel Del Rio Malunggay Citrus

To satisfy each thirst this summer, the new and quite unusual Malunggay Citrus can definitely become the perfect thirst quencher. It has that good sweet and “citrusy” blend however the famed moringa continues to leave you curious in every sip. Igmaan features their Malunggay Citrus using a calamansi for the citrus flavor, a common citrus fruit tree in the Philippines that grows all year round.

Such gastronomic sensations are indeed worthy of note with their retention of what is culturally the norm but continually being enhanced to further offer more variations to the people. The Sooo Pinoy Advocacy includes these culinary creations to promote to the world the best food that Iloilo as well as the entire Philippines can offer.

Some more photos:

Igmaan Restaurant, Hotel Del Rio

Igmaan Restaurant, Hotel Del Rio

Igmaan Restaurant, Hotel Del Rio
Igmaan Restaurant, Hotel Del Rio
Iloilo River Igmaan affords a relaxing view of the Iloilo River

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